Potbelly Sandwich Shop Franchise E-brochure

TITLE: “A Really Cool Opportunity”

LEGAL NOTICE: This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information purposes only. Currently, the following states regulate the offer and sales of franchises: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. If you are a resident of one of these states, we will not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your jurisdiction.

AUDIO: Potbelly’s Sandwich Shop

AUDIO: No other sandwich has a restaurant like this . . .

AUDIO: . . . and a world-class business model developed for our first class dive!

AUDIO: A Really Cool Opportunity

VISUAL: There is a picture of a jazz band playing outside a Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

AUDIO: You've put in your time, paid your dues, developed your business chops and notched some successes in your belt.

VISUAL: A young couple is sitting outside of their home smiling.

AUDIO: And now you're ready to be your own boss and leverage your experience and passion to make a real difference, not only in your family's future, but also in your neighborhood.

VISUAL: A smiling Potbelly Associate is ringing up two customers at the cash register.

AUDIO: You're looking for ways to really connect your strengths with a great concept. You might not know it yet, but owning a Potbelly Sandwich Shop could be a perfect fit for you.

VISUAL: An exterior of a Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

AUDIO: If you've ever visited a Potbelly and tasted our delicious food, then you know what we're talking about.

VISUAL: Inside a busy Potbelly shop, there are lots of customers ordering, eating and having a good time.

AUDIO: If you haven't yet visited one of our locations just click on the link on our website to find a location near you and get yourself down there because you need to experience it in person be prepared to be impressed.

VISUAL: An exterior of a Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

AUDIO: And, in the same spirit and culture which we created our incredible food and unique restaurant, we have developed a first class franchise program. We invite you to learn more about our business model and franchise program and are confident the more you read, the better it will get!

VISUAL: There is a classic colorfully painted Potbelly Submarine inside of a Potbelly shop.

AUDIO: Learn why no other sandwich has a restaurant like Potbelly’s.

AUDIO: What is A Potbelly Anyway?

AUDIO: The first incredibly tasty, toasty, warm sandwich was served over 30 years ago out of the back of an antique store located on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago.

VISUAL: Founder Peter Hastings is standing proudly outside the first Potbelly location – originally an antique shop.

AUDIO: Since we started in 1977, Potbelly has grown to over 200 stores, in various sized markets and cities.

VISUAL: There is an illustrated map of America. These states are highlighted: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Washington.

AUDIO: We are restaurateurs and know how to run our stores. We know what works and what doesn't, so we can support you as you accelerate your knowledge base so you can move your business forward.

VISUAL: A friendly Potbelly Associate is completing a transaction with customers at the cash register.

AUDIO: Each location is built upon the principles that made our first store great: friendly, hardworking people serving up simple, high-quality food, made surprisingly fast at a reasonable price.

VISUAL: A female Potbelly Associate is smiling and helping customers at the cash register.

AUDIO: Add to that our wonderfully designed stores, quirky décor created in our own workshop, and live performances by local musicians, and you can begin to see what makes the Potbelly experience so entertaining and unique.

VISUAL: A young musician is singing into a microphone and playing a guitar.

AUDIO: Our Business Model

VISUAL: Inside of a crowded Potbelly with a long line and dining area full of happy customers.

AUDIO: The Potbelly Advantage is the foundation of everything we do

AUDIO: It’s a clear expression of our intentions and our culture. How we look at the business, how we manage the business, and how we plan the business.

AUDIO: We also believe in keeping it simple. We’re always looking for ways to take the complexity out of the business with a focus on being the best place for lunch

VISUAL: A Potbelly Associate is making a toasty sandwich.

AUDIO: Our goal is to create the Potbelly Nation. We want our customers to feel we are the neighborhood sandwich shop.

VISUAL: A Potbelly Associate is talking to two happy customers in front of the drink cooler at a Potbelly shop.

AUDIO: Building the Potbelly Nation is done one neighborhood at a time. And our franchise program is an important part of this approach

VISUAL: Inside of a large Potbelly shop, showing the quirky décor and wooden furniture.

AUDIO: Our ideal franchisee is someone that wants to run the corner sandwich shop and really be a part of their neighborhood.

VISUAL: A young couple is proudly standing outside of a Potbelly.

AUDIO: And we have a proven product and experience that will make you proud to own and run the neighborhood sandwich shop.

AUDIO: Potbelly Training

AUDIO: Hey, if you are successful then we are successful.

VISUAL: A smiling male Potbelly Associate is happily holding several Potbelly brown pint sandwich bags.

AUDIO: That’s the way it works.

AUDIO: As a result, we support our franchisees with an amazing amount of training, tools and services.

VISUAL: Two female Potbelly Associates are looking at training notebooks.

AUDIO: Our training program is extensive and includes both classroom instruction and on-the-job training.

VISUAL: A Potbelly Associate is teaching a fellow Associate how to make a hand dipped milkshake.

AUDIO: Some of the topics we cover during training include:

VISUAL: Two female Potbelly Associates are looking at architecture blue prints on a table.

AUDIO: Market Assessment – Identifying the best markets for your Potbelly.

AUDIO: Site Selection – Finding the right location in the right markets

AUDIO: Pre-opening – Preparation for opening your new store.

VISUAL: A “We’re Open” banner is hung on the outside of a new Potbelly shop.

AUDIO: Store Operations – What takes place inside the four walls of a Potbelly. Promoting Potbelly in the market – You will be your neighborhood ambassador for Potbelly.

VISUAL: A Potbelly Associate is smiling while helping customers at the cash register.

AUDIO: Front of the House – Greeting customers and ensuring their experience in your dining room is memorable

AUDIO: Back of the House – What goes on in the kitchen and the preparation of our delicious food

VISUAL: A male Potbelly Associate is making a sandwich.

AUDIO: Marketing and Advertising – Attracting and keeping customers

VISUAL: A mom and her kids are entering a Potbelly shop.

AUDIO: Hiring Employees – Recruiting and retaining the best employees

VISUAL: Two smiling Potbelly Associates are laughing with each other while working behind the counter.

AUDIO: Technology – Using our technology and Point of Sale system to manage the business

VISUAL: There is a screen of a cash register from a Potbelly Associate’s perspective.

AUDIO: Ordering – Replenishing inventory and supply chain mechanics. Learn how to take advantage of our purchasing power.

VISUAL: Two Potbelly Associates are in the back storage room conducting inventory.

AUDIO: Business Management – Running a fundamentally sound business

AUDIO: Financial Management – Keeping costs in line

VISUAL: Two Potbelly Associates are going over financial papers at a Potbelly booth.

AUDIO: Much more to help you understand and manage your business

AUDIO: Support – the Potbelly Way

AUDIO: Our support continues once your location is open and operating.

VISUAL: There is an outside of a new Potbelly shop with a “We’re Open!” banner.

AUDIO: We will provide you with a third party real estate company to advise you on choosing the best site in your market. Our franchisees are assigned Field Area Consultants who will help our franchisees run a great business. They spend time with our franchisees showing them how to track and manage food and labor costs while treating customers the Potbelly way.

VISUAL: A guy Potbelly Associate is helping two customers.

AUDIO: Owning a Potbelly is very special and we want to ensure our customers receive the best products in the same tradition that Potbelly has established and is known for.

VISUAL: There are two Potbelly customers laughing together at a booth.

AUDIO: Our Field Area Consultants are available through both telephone and in-store visits and are invaluable in the operation of our franchisees’ businesses.

VISUAL: A Field Area Consultant is meeting with the two franchise owners.

AUDIO: Marketing and Advertising.

AUDIO: Getting to know your customers as neighbors is the key to their long term satisfaction.

VISUAL: A busy time at the Potbelly counter with customers ordering.

AUDIO: We take a neighborhood approach to all of our marketing efforts and invest a great deal of time and money to better understand our customers so we know how to reach them and then, once we reach them, how to make them Potbelly fans.

VISUAL: There is an “A-frame” style sign in front of a Potbelly shop featuring a delicious and toasty Potbelly sandwich, the headline reads, “Potbelly Sandwiches Toasting Inside.”

AUDIO: As a result, we have created effective consumer-level sales and marketing strategies that create awareness and generate sales.

VISUAL: There is a Potbelly tent set up at local outdoor event. People are lined up to receive Potbelly goodies.

AUDIO: Our business is based on repeat customers who are loyal fans and who love our products and the lively neighborhood hangout style environment we have created in our restaurants.

VISUAL: Inside a busy Potbelly shop, full of customers in the dining area.

AUDIO: Many of our locations offer live music by local artists

AUDIO: In fact, we believe we are one of the largest music venues in the United States when you consider the number of our locations that have local artists performing on a daily basis...

VISUAL: A young musician, playing the guitar is singing into the microphone at a Potbelly shop.

AUDIO: We’ve involved our fans to help us develop great tasting new products that quickly become customer favorites which bring them back again and again.

VISUAL: There are two customers enjoying lunch together..

AUDIO: The Potbelly marketing department begins working for you long before your location opens its door for business.

VISUAL: Two Potbelly marketing folks are looking at a computer screen, working on a project.

AUDIO: Working closely with you, they will help you assess and research your local neighborhood to recommend the right promotional opportunities and customer strategies that create awareness and bring customers to your location and help make them fans. And by leveraging our knowledge and experience, you will create strong connections to customers in the community and build your neighborhood fan base.

VISUAL: A line, about a block long, extends outside of a new Potbelly sandwich shop with a large “We’re Open!” sign.

AUDIO: Grand Opening

AUDIO: Grand opening campaigns are designed to create instant brand awareness to bring customers into your Potbelly location.

VISUAL: There is a “Now Open!” sign with colorful balloons outside of a new Potbelly shop.

AUDIO: Every campaign is tailored to your specific market and neighborhood and features proven advertising tools that drive the initial customer visits and create exposure.

VISUAL: A billboard with the headline “Toasty Warm Sandwiches” next to a Potbelly logo and directions to the shop: “Arbor Walk, 290 and South Mopac.”

AUDIO: Further, as you step out of your Potbelly location and begin networking in your community, your personal touch and ability to connect with consumers will establish the type of good will and rapport Potbelly has with our customers.

VISUAL: There is a Potbelly tent at a local event. An attendee is about to spin the Potbelly prize wheel.

AUDIO: You will have access to professionally designed promotions and in-store display materials that we have tested and refined in our own restaurants.

VISUAL: A Potbelly Associate is changing the sign in the A-Frame to a new message.

AUDIO: Why Potbelly’s

AUDIO: It is not often that you find our type of special combination in a franchise opportunity:

AUDIO: Great food, in a great environment and served by great people.

VISUAL: A long line of customers are waiting to order toasty warm sandwiches.

AUDIO: Potbelly has invested heavily to recruit the best and the brightest people in foodservice, operations and training, marketing, franchising and business management.

VISUAL: There is a group of enthusiastic Potbelly Support Center employees.

AUDIO: All of these people have one goal in mind and that is to help make you as successful as possible as a Potbelly franchise owner.

VISUAL: Two Potbelly franchisees are proudly sitting on the steps of their Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

AUDIO: These resources will support you in your own personal goals and ambitions.

AUDIO: Prestige? You betcha!

AUDIO: We invite you to learn more about our very unique, fun and very special business opportunity.

VISUAL: The exterior of a Potbelly shop with a large patio in front.

AUDIO: And, just think . . . if you qualify, you can own this very prestigious and exciting business in your own market.

VISUAL: There are families in line at Potbelly.

AUDIO: You will love owning a Potbelly because it gives you the opportunity to leverage your motivation, drive and ability for building strong, results oriented teams.

VISUAL: There is a large group of Potbelly Associates smiling and demonstrating teamwork.

AUDIO: So, if you are ready to own your own business then Potbelly Sandwich Works might be a good fit for your skills.

VISUAL: Two Potbelly Franchisees are proudly smiling.

AUDIO: Leverage your assets, knowledge and outgoing personality with our proven model.

VISUAL: The classic Potbelly sign outside a shop.

AUDIO: Just fill out the Franchise Application at the bottom of this eBrochure to find out if you qualify for a Potbelly franchise.

AUDIO: Do it now!